Whitworth Town Council


At a meeting of Whitworth Town Council on Thursday 16 May, Councillor Gareth Baron was elected by Town Council members as Mayor of Whitworth. The meeting was attended by family and friends of Councillor Baron, and visiting dignitaries.

Councillor Baron is going to be accompanied by his Mayoress, Mrs Ness Baron. The Mayor and Mayoress will attend functions and events within Whitworth and outside of the town’s boundary, and the Mayor will chair Full Council meetings of the Town Council. Councillor Baron made a speech during the meeting, describing the role as an honour and thanking his family and friends for their support. The Mayor confirmed that he was very much looking forward to the year ahead and would be raising funds for some wonderful local groups and charities who do so much to make Whitworth the wonderful place it is. The Mayor offered thanks to his fellow councillors and to the Town Clerk.

The Mayor and Mayoress have several events already in the pipeline, starting with his Civic Sunday, a Church of England church service at St Bart’s Church.  All are welcome to attend, and it will take place on June 2th at St Bart’s Church at 2pm with refreshments being served afterwards.  Cllr Baron is also planning a fundraising event on Saturday 12th October at the Ashcroft and his Civic Dinner will take place on the 5th April 2024. Look out for more details of these and future events coming soon.

During his year in office, Gareth's primary focus will be on unity and councillors working together for the benefit of Whitworth.  He is also keen to raise funds for Whitworth's community and voluntary organisations and would welcome any ideas for fundraising suggestions.

Also at the meeting, Councillor Kim Olaolu was elected as Deputy Mayor; her role will be to deputise for the Mayor before taking on the chains herself in 2025. The outgoing Mayor, Mike Royds, gave a short speech in which he thanked all in Whitworth for their support.

If you would like to invite the Mayor to an event, please either contact the Town Clerk or contact the Mayor directly on cllrbaron@gmail.com or 07773 307669.

Pictured is Councillor Gareth and Mrs Ness Baron, Mayor and Mayoress of Whitworth.